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  The Starrs  


Our Photo Gallery
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Welcome to our Website! Since this website is for the benefit of family and friends, information on where we live and what we do is left out, since you all know that already. But we hope you enjoy the pictures that we posted. Feel free to download them and use them as your desktop wallpaper so you can see us every day of your lives.


Our Photo Album

Pictures of Tim, Alison, and baby Morgan (born 9/21/07) before and after her arrival.



Photos of Special Events

Vacations, events, weddings, family gatherings, etc. Includes trip to New York City.

Extended Family Photo Album

Pictures of extended family (our parents and siblings).




Miscellaneous Photos

Photos of our house from its construction to present, Ballston Spa area pictures from Tim's collection, and Tim's work pictures.


Alison's Diary

Favorite Links

Click here to view Alison's riveting diary, thoughts, and ideas about her pregnancy.


A list of our favorite web links.


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