Our house, spring 2007.

Our family room after it was painted in spring 2005.

Our kitchen after receiving its 3rd coat of paint in spring 2007.

Alison's upstairs office after it was painted in the summer of 2006.

Picture of deck two months after it was built in May 2006.

Porch and yard in the summer of 2006.

Alison's class at the Milton Terrace school, 2007.

Former monastery where Tim now works.

Rear view of monastery.

Courtyard at the monastery, September 2006.

Courtyard at the former monastery.

The crypt where the sisters remains were kept. The cloistered nuns never left the building, even after death.

Sharon and Melissa in the administration department.

Chapel that is attached to the monastery.

One of the hotels owned by Tim's employer (the Schuyler Inn).

Another view of the Schuyler Inn.

Picture of the trolley that used to run near our house in the early 1900s. This is present day Route 29.

Trolley parked in Middle Grove in 1910.

Trolley crossing West Milton Road.

Picture of the trolley in the woods behind our house.

Trolley parked in front of the former Rock City Falls post office.

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