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 Morgan's Photo Gallery  


Gallery of the two of us in simpler times, Alison's pregnancy, and the new baby, born September 21, 2007.

Note: pictures have been re-sized to load faster.




Learning to use the phone.

Now walking from room to room, 17 months.

Reading with Grandpa Alcan.

Feeding herself at 18 months.

Exploring at a friend's house.

She enjoys playing with the pillows.

Concert at the library.

Getting a hug from a friend at the park.

Hanging out on the deck, 23 months.

Playing at the Starr's house in Hebron.

Playing with the sprinkler on a hot August day.

Eating out at 23 months.

Trying on a Halloween costume.

Birthday Party! Two years old!

Eating her birthday cake.

Opening presents.

Making pizza.

Posing by the Christmas tree.

Hanging out, January 2010.

At the restaurant with mommy and daddy.

Having fun at dance class.


Now that Morgan is 2 years old, this website will only be updated periodically. Thanks for visiting!


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