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   Misc. Photos 



Tim and Matt at the "fort" circa 1980.

The infamous "tea party" incident.

Matt in his first car.

MacKenna holding newborn sister Alyssa.

Alyssa at home with her dad.

Alyssa and mom Jamie at home in 2006.

MacKenna at Mom and Dad Starrs, Christmas 2006.

Alyssa watching the train, Christmas 2006.

The Starr log house in Hebron.

Mom and Dad Starr with Alyssa and MacKenna.

Mom Starr and Becky with Alyssa (Matt's daughter).

Alison, Kathleen, David, and Andrea.

Scott, Mom Alcan, Eileen, and Lindsay.

The Alcan family gathered at Julie's house (Christmas 2006).

Grandma, Mom, Becky, MacKenna, Alison, and Jamie at the new house, 10/2003.

Julie at Liberty House, 1997 (Tim used to work there).

Matt, Julie, and Eileen at Thanksgiving 2004 in Lake Placid.

Jeff, Dad Alcan, and Eileen at Lake Placid.

Uncle Devan and Aunt Becky.

Aunt Eileen at the Alcans, Christmas 2007.

Matthew, Lindsay, and Greg.

Shelia surprised in the kitchen.

Kathleen and Michael, 2008

Becky, Devan, and their new baby Addison, January 2009

Addie at 6 months.

Addie at Easter (Starr house).

Tim and Alison house 2005

Tim's office

Traci Starr's wedding

At Traci's wedding